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Rumor: successor Motorola Razr has 6.7 “screen

The successor to the foldable Motorola razr smartphone is said to have a larger screen: 6.7 inches. The current version has a 6.2 “display. The outside screen would also be larger with the new version, which is due in September.

This would make the screen diagonal of the main screen the same as that of competitor Galaxy Z Flip, says Ross Young , director of Display Supply Chain Consultants. The consultancy company has clients in the screen industry. It is unknown if the screens of the Z Flip and the next razr will be the same size. The screen ratio is unknown.

A CEO of Motorola parent company Lenovo had previously announced that a successor to the razr would appear in September. It is rumored to get a Snapdragon 765-soc from Qualcomm and support for 5g.

Young also hints that Samsung will not support an S-Pen with the successor to its foldable Galaxy Fold. The manufacturer would like to combine its thin glass layer with a hard plastic top layer and Young seems to say that the glass layer makes support of the S-Pen impossible.

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