Teufel CAGE review: versatile gaming headset

Teufel has been known for its great speakers for years, but for the first time, it is now also throwing a shot at success in the gaming world with the Teufel CAGE. That does Teufel not without useful, although there are areas for improvement.

Teufel CAGE gaming headset

In terms of appearance, the headset is particularly striking due to the sides, on which a type of speaker grid is placed with the famous T from Teufel in the middle that can light up red (unfortunately defective in our review model). Furthermore, it is quite light (280 grams), has thick comfort cushions in the right places and funny red threads to give an accent to the otherwise black headset. So far so good.

Once you put it on, it may feel a little big. You notice it when you pick it up: the headband is very flexible. On the one hand, that is nice for wearing comfort, but on the other hand, you can not make the headset narrower: only bigger. The parts on your ears are also quite large, so that some noise can escape. That means that on the train or when you’re gaming in the living room, people can probably enjoy the sound quite loud. CAGE would have liked a bit smaller, although it now has the advantage that spectacle wearers experience more comfort.

This also applies to the microphone. You can easily click it on the left side, but it is adjusted so that even if you put it close to your mouth, you can still see the longish thread. It protrudes quite a bit and therefore remains in your left eye corner. Somewhat clumsy when gaming, because you tend not to look too much at your bottom left corner, while often – especially your ice cream – a lot happens.

Mixed Audio Play

While that may not sound too positive so far, there is a lot to love about it. The sound is good. Not too much bass, not too shrill, it is a well-balanced sound. The microphone sound is also very good. You can make yourself understood and thanks to the wire you can also take the microphone out of your face if you want to drink. The headphones are also comfortable, even after an hour and a half.

However, there is much more going on with this headset. For example, he has a Mixed Audio Play. This allows you to listen to music on your smartphone as well as the game sound from the console . The headphones use a 3.5 mm audio jack, so you can use it on a variety of devices: all current consoles, your smartphone and your laptop / PC, for example. That Mixed Audio Play also works with 3.5-mm cables, because on the linked earcup you will find two ports to plug them in.

Additional buttons

There are also buttons incorporated in the design, without them being very noticeable. For example, you can adjust the volume with a funny wheel and there is a slide with which you can switch off the microphone. As you can see I am really a console gamer, but on the PC this headset seems to play Virtual 7.1 surround sound quality depending on the game. This is partly due to the built-in USB sound card combined with the 40mm HD driver. There is also an initially somewhat meaningless regular button. You can adjust this how you want it in the Teufel Audio Center. The Teufel Audio Center is an app in which you can adjust the music better.

Good gaming headset

In many places the Teufel CAGE is now available for 119 euros. That is considerably less than the suggested retail price of 169 euros and in my opinion a good deal. Teufel CAGE are headphones that you can use on all kinds of platforms, that give very good sound and that are also equipped with all kinds of other conveniences, such as the possibility to hear the sound from both your smartphone and your game. It is a large device, but you can expect great sound from it.