Rumor: Samsung is considering removing charger and earphones from Galaxy S21 box

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Samsung would consider leaving the earphones and charger out of the Galaxy S21 box, SamMobile reports. It is unclear whether this has already been decided. Apple will omit the earphones and charger from iPhones from this fall.

By omitting the earphones and charger, the packaging can be made smaller and it is cheaper to transport the phones. Moreover, Apple has shown that the price of the phone will not drop and Samsung is now thinking along the same line, writes SamMobile. From this fall, Apple will market all its phones without earphones and charger. Supplying earphones is only mandatory in France.

Samsung would do that with the Galaxy S21 series, which the manufacturer will reportedly present in January. SamMobile points out that Samsung does not supply earphones with the Note 20 series in the US. Customers can get them when they contact customer service. Until now, Samsung has always included chargers, but often not the fastest charger the phone can handle. Samsung has not yet responded to the rumor.

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