Rumor: AMD delays introduction of RX 6700 desktop video card

AMD will reportedly not show a RX 6700 desktop GPU during its Where Gaming Begins presentation on March 3. The company would only show a higher-ranking RX 6700 XT with Navi 22 GPU at that event, which was due to release on March 18.

AMD announced this week that it will hold a presentation on March 3, announcing new desktop graphics cards. The GPU manufacturer did not disclose specific details, but the file name of a video on the AMD website indicated that the company would show video cards with Navi 22 GPUs. That suggested that AMD would unveil its RX 6700 series.

French tech site Cowcotland writes that AMD was indeed planning to announce an RX 6700 and RX 6700 XT on Wednesday, but claims the company has postponed the announcement of that first model for the time being. Furthermore, the medium states that the availability of the RX 6700 XT is limited; in France there would be about a hundred reference cards available. That number excludes custom models from other companies, although only a limited amount is also expected, the medium writes.

There have been rumors about the RX 6700 series for some time. The XT variant would get a fully activated Navi 22 GPU with 2560 streaming processors and 12GB GDDR6 memory. The RX 6700 XT is said to be available in two variants, each with different total graphics power, although this has not yet been confirmed. Less is known about the RX 6700, but a mention at the Eurasian Economic Commission suggests that the video card has 6GB of video memory. Both video cards are also expected to receive Infinity Cache, although the amount is still unknown.

AMD announces its upcoming Navi 22 graphics cards on March 3