Roadmap of Intel processors appears online

A roadmap has appeared online of the products that processor maker Intel will bring to the market this year. The roadmap shows, among other things, that the successor to Bay Trail, the Cherry Trail made at 14nm, would have been postponed for a few months.

The release of Cherry Trail is now scheduled for November this year, according to the roadmap that VR-Zone has put online. Cherry Trail is an economical soc platform that is mainly intended for tablets. Where Bay Trail-T, Intel’s current economical soc platform for tablets, is produced at 22nm, Cherry Trail-T will produce it at 14nm. Cherry Trail-soc will continue to have a maximum of four cores, but the clock speed will be at a maximum of 2.7GHz, while Bay Trail will be 2.4GHz.

Before that, other Intel products will be released, such as 64-bit socs based on Bay Trail T and Bay Trail M. Those socs, with type numbers such as Z3775, are intended for both Windows and Android. In addition, Intel will present new mobile socs in the Z34xx series on Silvermont architecture at the Mobile World Congress next week.

For desktops, there will be a refresh from Haswell and a variant for the top segment called Haswell-E that will fall into the Core i7 line. They should be available from this summer. The roadmap runs until the end of this year, what Intel has planned for afterwards is not yet clear.