Fast-forwarding advertising with Belgacom’s replay service costs 4 euros extra per month

Belgacom has made its Replay TV service available to all customers. The service allows users to watch programs up to a day and a half after broadcast. If you want to flush commercials, you have to pay seven euros per month. Without flushing it costs three euros.

For an extra four euros per month, the user has the option of reeling within the Replay TV programmes, Belgacom says. You can look back on TV, PC, smartphone and tablet. This works via the TV Everywhere application that is available for iOS and Android, for desktops, laptops or tablets with Windows or Chrome OS it works via the browser.

On TV, users can scroll back to the past day and a half in the electronic program guide and then click on the program to use the service. The service works on channels such as Een, Ketnet/Canvas and Vier, in both the sd and hd versions. Belgacom tested TV Replay with 10,000 customers in recent months.