Return to Monkey Island releases on July 27 for Android and iOS – update

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Return to Monkey Island releases on July 27 for Android and iOS. The game was originally released in 2022 for PCs and the current generation of Xbox and PlayStation. This is the first Monkey Island game from original creator Ron Gilbert since 1991.

In the description of the trailer posted on Thursday For the mobile version, publisher Devolver Digital writes that the game will support both smartphones and tablets. The trailer most likely doesn’t show footage from these mobile versions of the game, as the footage is identical to that of a trailer that was already shown last yearfor the other versions.

Return to Monkey Island is, like its predecessors, a point & click adventure game. The player follows the story of Guybrush Threepwood, directly after Monkey Island 2. Once again Threepwood is after the secret of Monkey Island and once again he has to compete with the undead pirate captain LeChuck. Since 1991, three more Monkey Island games were released in which Gilbert was not involved.

Update, 9.45pm: The title of this article stated the month of June, but it should have been July. This has been adjusted.

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