Qualcomm Introduces aptX Lossless Codec for CD Quality Bluetooth Audio

Qualcomm introduces a new version of its aptX audio codec. AptX Lossless offers CD-quality audio over a wireless Bluetooth connection, according to the company. The first audio devices with support for aptX Lossless will appear early next year.

Qualcomm reports in a press release that aptX Lossless offers support for 16bit audio with a sample rate of 44.1kHz, as the name suggests, CD quality lossless audio. The company speaks of a maximum bitrate of more than 1Mbit/s. However, this can be scaled down to 140Kbit/s. This is to prevent audio stuttering and dropouts in high radio wave environments.

AptX Lossless is based on the existing aptX Adaptive codec, the company reports. The Lossless codec will also become part of the Snapdragon Sound ecosystem. According to Qualcomm, lossless audio mode is automatically enabled if the codec detects that the source file is lossless. Users can also opt for lossy 24bit/96Khz audio, which is already supported by the existing aptX Adaptive codec.

Although aptX Lossless builds on aptX Adaptive, the lossless feature is presumably not supported by existing headphones and earplugs. Qualcomm is reported to have reported that the first audio products that support lossless mode will be released in early 2022, CNET and Android Authority write, among others. The company also speaks in its press release about “lossless audio support on next-gen earbuds and headphones.”.