Huawei may release 5G smartphones again next year

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Huawei may release 5G smartphones again next year. The manufacturer is no longer able to do this due to the United States trade ban since 2019, but the Chinese company wants to solve this with 5G chips from Chinese soil.

Huawei smartphones are still there, but have 4G versions of well-known Qualcomm smartphones. 5G variants should appear again from the beginning of next year, Reuters writes. Huawei would like to produce the 5G chips with the help of Semiconductor Manufacturing International Co. SMIC is a Chinese chip manufacturer.

The smartphones would still not have Google services, which means that Huawei smartphones remain unattractive options in the west. Huawei was on its way to becoming the market leader in the smartphone market, until the US government’s trade ban put an end to that. Sales and market share have fallen sharply since then and Huawei has virtually disappeared from the Western market. Instead of its own HiSilicon Kirin Socs, Huawei has switched to Qualcomm Socs. The most recent releases are the P60 series and the foldable Mate X3.

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