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Public companies are still deciding on replacing NFC chip with emv on public transport card

Public companies are still deciding this year about replacing the current nfc chip with a copy based on the emv standard for the public transport chip card. That would make it unnecessary to top up the public transport pass.

If the cooperating carriers, united in the National Public Transport Council, decide to switch to emv, new payment methods could become commonplace within a few years. his, writes OVPro the online journal for the public transport sector. Some of the current public transport gates would already be suitable for the emv standard.
Not only would the emv standard replace that of the current nfc chip of the public transport card, but the step would also pay for with smartphone, bank card and barcode. Travelers then no longer have to think about increasing the credit. The chip controls authentication and payment is made via the linked account of the user. “The time at which you travel and the time of settlement can be more easily pulled apart,” says Janse de Jonge, chairman of the NOVB.
Ov companies have been testing the check in and out via mobile phones and bank cards. When the final decision on the introduction of emv falls, it is not known. However, the public transport companies report to the Train Traveler site that the current public transport chip card is getting a price reduction and becomes cheaper than 7.50 euros .
Emv is named after the Europay promoters , Mastercard and Visa. It is a standard for payment methods based on chips and supports among others nfc, qr codes and tokenization . The current OV chip card contains the Infineon SLE-66 nfc chip. This replaced the MiFare Classic from NXP when it turned out to be easy to crack.

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