Huawei delivered more than 20 million P10 and Mate 9 smartphones in 2017 – Tablets and phones – News

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Because I finally looked at the idiotic total amounts that I paid monthly on an expensive subscription and I thought it would be much more fun to have a new device every half year or year and spend some months every month than a power out to give to a device that actually did not have so many extras to offer. From what I now have (additional payment + monthly costs) I can eat out once a month with two people, or even four, depending on where I eat.

In addition, a midrange device for such an adventure is slightly less expensive if it turns out to be nothing at all. Add to that the updates on Android still not 100% running (although this device has so neatly every month had an update) I did not want to be with a device of ~ 800 euros that after a year too few updates more gets. So the risk was somewhat smaller. I thought, if I like it, I’ll buy a more expensive one in a year or so. Now, however, I would not know why I would. I am in this price range better than expected.

What I appreciate about this specific device is that screenshots and screen recording is built in and works fast. The screenshots can be edited quickly, just like with iOS, but Huawei adds the function scrollshot. That way I can screenshot whole chats in Whatsapp or whole webpages in a random browser (you get such a very long screenshot). This actually works remarkably well and so far in every app where I’ve tried.

Another thing that stood out was the very fast unlocking of the device, control of music players (also works with non-standard apps) with one button on your earbuds (2x clicks is next number eg). Excellent built-in photos app with really many editing options. I do not need alternative apps for this. Good dual sim support, also via Bluetooth with my car. There is also a kind of spotlight, but because it is more open on android I can find a lot more. I also liked paying NFC, but that is not Huawei own course. If I have connected the phone via bluetooth and I pick it up and keep it on my ear, it switches from Bluetooth to internal speaker. Very useful when I call hands free in the car and the car has to step out. The person with whom I speak does not notice anything at all. The file manager and cleanup features are very good. There is a very intelligent prefetcher, so apps like WhatsApp and photos already cached in the existing 4GB ram. That causes things to start faster than you would expect with the midrange processor (after the prefetcher, of course, learned what to cache).

There are also useless gimmicks in when I start a C-character on the screen with my knuckle camera. If I tap twice on the screen with my knuckle, he makes a screenshot … And that works really flawlessly. I can use my fingerprint on the scanner: switch off my alarm, take a photo, let my notification screen come down, browse through photos and pick up a phone call. There are standard features such as double whatsapp and facebook in the launcher, which is very useful with dual sim devices. There are also many custom settings for notifications and WiFi +, which ensures that when I leave home, wifi goes off and when I get to a place where I normally turn on wifi, that from now on automatically goes. Are also some useful things in, but I’ve never done anything with it. Including app lock and some extensive privacy features. The Photos app can also scan QR codes from screenshots. Automatically recognizes it.

Also nice to call the lock screen, if you have it on and you swiped from bottom to top, there are quick settings for voice recorder, flashlight, calculator, timer and QR code scanner. 19659002] Streaming I do without chromecast, but I must honestly say that I have not tried Netflix. This streaming is via DLNA and Miracast (for Windows 10). For Miracast I use partly internal features of Huawei and for DLNA I use AllConnect, a separate app in the play store. That streamed Youtube and I can put that in a playlist etc.

In terms of call quality, I actually even improved, in terms of range (same provider) and battery life as well, although battery life is of course very dependent on which apps you’re using.

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