Karlmann King most expensive and most extreme SUV in the world

Ever dreamed of having your own Batmobile, from now on you can but then you have to be quick because only 10 of the most extreme Karlmann King are made. This global monster truck, apparently still described as an SUV and built on the platform of a Ford F-550 is designed by a Chinese company and is being built in the west.

This monster on 4 wheels, fierce looking, unique and with an overweight of 4,000 to 6,000 kg (depending on the options) will cost you about 1.8 million euros. But be honest then you also have something. Partly because of the exceptional weight, this Karlmann King only has a top speed of 140 km / h despite the V10 6.8 litre engine which is good for 400 hp. We do not know how long he will do about a sprint to 100 km / h, but it will certainly not be soon.
In order to be able to understand the price somewhat, it is best to sit down in the Karlmann King. Here you imagine yourself in a luxury Rolls Royce. Standard equipment includes a coffee machine, neon lighting, a flat-screen TV, electric tables and a fridge. All electrical functions can be controlled via an app. As far as entertainment is concerned, you obviously have a HiFi system, a PlayStation 4 and if you want videophones with the option of a satellite TV.
Oh-yes and before we forget it, which is 1.8 million for the entry-level model because who wants all the options of the Karlmann King can add another 1.5 million extra to it. It costs a little but then you have something too!