Pinterest comes with some kind of qr code to quickly open pages

Pinterest has introduced the Pin Codes feature. The code acts as a kind of QR code to quickly get to Pinterest pages. The social medium has also expanded the possibilities of its Pinterest Lens feature.

The Pincodes feature is intended for businesses that have their own Pinterest account, TechCrunch writes. These companies can display the code in a store to direct customers to the company’s Pinterest page, without the customers having to look up this page themselves. Users can open the camera within the Pinterest app, with which the PIN code can be scanned.

In addition to the addition of Pins, Pinterest has also overhauled the Lens feature. This image recognition feature has been enhanced with the ability to come up with ideas for looks with certain garments. Techcrunch writes that the user can take a photo of a piece of clothing, after which the app comes up with suggestions on how such a piece of clothing can be worn.

Pinterest is expanding the app further with some other tweaks, such as the ability to zoom in on an item in a photo and find similar products. These features work in tandem with the ‘buy’ button, which the company added to its website two years ago. Pinterest can be visited via the website or the app for Android and iOS.