OnePlus stops selling 3T smartphone after half a year

OnePlus will stop selling its OnePlus 3T smartphone after half a year. The device was released in November last year. The Chinese manufacturer does not explicitly mention why it has stopped production of its smartphone.

If the current stock runs out, the manufacturer will stop selling the device, says an employee on the support forum. Why exactly that is, leave the forum post in the middle. Perhaps the interest decreased, because the OnePlus 5 is coming.

The Chinese manufacturer explicitly mentions that it will continue to support the OnePlus 3 and 3T with updates, but members of the OnePlus forum are critical of this. According to them, the support of the OnePlus X and OnePlus 2 after they went off sale also left something to be desired. Users started an action about this last month.

OnePlus promised regular security updates with new patches for the 2 and X, but those updates hardly come out for both phones and they also contain older patches. In addition, the Android 6.0 update for the OnePlus X was long in coming and the manufacturer seems to no longer release the Android 7.0 update for the OnePlus 2 at all.

Withdrawing models that will soon receive or have just received a successor is not common in the telecom industry. Many manufacturers offer devices of a previous generation at a reduced price for a while.