Nvidia releases Titan X video card for $999

Nvidia has revealed more details about its Titan X video card at its own GTC event. The Maxwell GPU-based video card will cost $999 and will be on sale this week.

After Nvidia revealed the details, several sites have put reviews online, including Techspot and Anandtech. The Titan X’s GM200-400 GPU has six GPCs with 4 SMMs each. The 24 SMMs yield a total of 3072 cuda cores. The amounts of TMUs and raster units are 192 and 96 respectively. The GPU communicates with the memory via a 384bit-wide bus and the bandwidth is 336GB/s. The clock speed will be 1000MHz, with a boost of up to 1075MHz.

The TDP of the Titan X is rated at 250W. According to reviews, the maximum temperature of the video card is 84 degrees Celsius. The price of the Titan X is 999 dollars, converted and including VAT, currently around 1138 euros. This makes it more expensive than the R9 295X2, which is in the Pricewatch for between 700 and 800 euros.