Nvidia releases 120fps option GeForce NOW for all 120Hz Android smartphones

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Nvidia is making the 120fps option of its GeForce NOW RTX 3080 subscription available to all Android phones with 120Hz support. The company will announce this on Thursday. The free game Genshin Impact will also be available to everyone on the service.

According to Nvidia the 120fps option will be available ‘in the coming weeks’ for all Android smartphones with a 120Hz display. Previously, that mode was only available for a limited number of Android devices from ASUS, Google, OnePlus, Samsung and Xiaomi.

Nvidia says to 9to5Google that the 120fps mode is not yet coming to iOS and iPadOS devices with 120Hz screen, because that feature is only available for the native Android app. Apple users should use GeForce NOW as a Safari web app due to restrictions imposed by Apple on cloud gaming services. It is unknown if that is the reason that 120fps streaming is not yet available on iOS and iPadOS.

The 120fps option is part of the most expensive GeForce NOW subscription, which features an RTX 3080. That same subscription allows you to play games at 4k; that feature was recently extended to Windows and macOS.

Nvidia further announced that Genshin Impact will be available soon to all GeForce NOW users. That free game was previously available as a beta for a limited number of users, but can be played by everyone from next week.

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