Ferrari wants 60 percent of its cars to be hybrid or electric by 2026

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Ferrari will be more committed to electrifying its cars. The company wants 60 percent of its lineup to be hybrid or all-electric by 2026. Ferrari also emphasizes that it will announce its first fully electric car in 2025.

Ferrari says in a presentation to investors that it will offer three different types of powertrains with their own characteristics by 2026. This includes combustion engines, hybrid engines and electric engines. Of that, 60 percent must be electric or hybrid, with the remaining 40 percent of its range having an internal combustion engine.

The electric motors and batteries for electric cars will continue to be assembled in Maranello, according to Ferrari. The company is also discussing plans for autonomous vehicles from level 2 or level 2+. Ferrari previously announced that it will unveil its first fully electric car in 2025 and the manufacturer has been selling hybrid cars since 2019.

Ferrari is following many other car brands with these plans, which have been focusing on electrifying their line-up for some time. At the same time, new cars with combustion engines will be banned in the European Union from 2035, in order to accelerate the switch to electric driving. However, Ferrari indicates that it also wants to continue to develop and produce combustion engines in the long term. The Italian car brand does want to be CO₂ neutral by 2030.

The hybrid Ferrari SF90 Stradale

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