Nvidia announces Maxwell GPUs and Geforce GTX Titan Black

After some leaks and rumors, Nvidia has now announced several products: the Geforce GTX 750, the 750 Ti, and the Geforce GTX Titan Black. The GTX 750 and 750 Ti run on Nvidia’s new Maxwell GPU and are therefore more economical than their predecessors and counterparts.

The GTX 750 Ti has 640 Cuda cores, which run at a maximum of 1085MHz. There is a maximum of 2GB gddr5-ram that effectively runs at 5.4Gbps and communicates with the gpu via a 128-bit bus. The 750Ti has a TDP of 60 watts. The GTX 750 has 512 Cuda cores, 1GB gddr5 ram running effectively at 5GHz with a 128bit bus, and a tdp of 55 watts.

Maxwell is Nvidia’s new graphics processor. The great feature of Maxwell is that it maintains the performance of the previous processor, Kepler, while also boosting the performance per watt. These first two Maxwell GPUs are aimed at the midrange segment. Nvidia plans to not only release higher-performing Maxwell GPUs in the future, but also lower the manufacturing process from 28nm to 20nm. These two Maxwell GPUs are so economical that they do not require a 6-pin power connection from the power supply. More about the technology behind Maxwell can be found in our review of the GTX 750 Ti.

In addition to the new, economical video cards, Nvidia also announces a new high-end video card: the Geforce GTX Titan Black. The Titan Black will be Nvidia’s new fastest video card and will have a full GK110 GPU with 2880 Cuda cores, just like the GTX 780 Ti. The gpu taps at 980MHz, there is 6GB gddr5-ram present, which effectively runs at 7GHz and communicates with the gpu via a 384-bit bus. The Geforce GTX Titan Black has a TDP of 250 watts and requires both a six-pin and an eight-pin power connection. Unlike the GTX 750 and 750 Ti, the Titan Black still has a Kepler GPU.