NS starts pilot for train journey registration system

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The NS has started a pilot to allow train passengers to register their journey in advance, so that the carrier can better estimate the crowds. A number of customers have received an email from the NS to participate in the testing of the registration system.

In its e-mail to customers, NS refers to a web page on which it is possible to pre-register a journey. This only applies to people invited by the NS; it is still a small pilot that will start on Sunday and will last until 14 June. Then the system is evaluated. Incidentally, the NS has not yet revealed much about how the system works technically: more will be announced shortly.

Invited travelers are encouraged to register their train journey in advance with their NS account, although this is not mandatory. The NS hopes that people will register their journey in advance as much as possible, so that the crowds in the trains can be better determined. Anyone who registers the train journey in advance may also travel in first class during the pilot.

The NS must take measures now that the government will soon relax restrictions regarding the outbreak of the corona virus. This will ensure more passengers, while the capacity in the trains will not exceed 40 percent.

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