Samsung is working with start-up on payment card for Samsung Pay

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Samsung plans to offer a payment card this year through its payment service Samsung Pay. According to the Korean company, Samsung Pay should become more than just a payment function for users, but also a wallet to manage money with.

On its website, Samsung indicates that an ‘innovative’ payment card is being developed with the company SoFi. This is a financial start-up that offers loans and manages equity portfolios, among other things. There are not many details about the payment card; which Samsung expects to release in the coming weeks.

According to Samsung, the payment card is part of the strategy to make Samsung Pay more than a payment method. The financial service should also be able to be used in the future as a kind of digital wallet, so that users can manage their money with it. No further information has yet been released about that functionality.

Samsung is not the first technology company to introduce a payment card. Earlier, Apple announced a payment card called Apple Card.

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