Nothing shows back of Phone (2).

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Nothing has shared the first official image of the back of the Phone (2). Youtuber Marques Brownlee also shows in a new video the differences between the LED strips on the backs of the Phone (1) and Phone (2).

The Nothing image shows that the back of the Phone (2) is very similar to the back of the Phone (1). However, the (2) has more interrupted LED strips, especially around the Qi magnets in the middle of the device.

Coinciding with Nothing’s rear reveal, YouTuber Marques Brownlee, also known as MKBHD, posted a video explaining more about the difference between the two phones. For example, the (2) has slightly more rounded screen edges, which corresponds with previous rumors about the device.

The white LED strips also have more zones, 33 instead of 12, making more lighting effects possible with those LED strips. One of the options is a volume indicator or a timer. Nothing wants external developers to also be able to work with these LED strips, which is what Uber and the Indian food delivery company Zomato will do in any case.

With the Essential Notification function, users can also choose one app that turns on the LED strip in the top right corner when showing notifications. This way, users can see at the back of the phone that they have a notification from that app. Brownlee also shows off the new Glyph Composer app in the video, which allows users to create their own LED patterns. Nothing presents the Phone (2) on July 11.

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