Nintendo Announces Wii Sports Successor for Switch with Football and Badminton

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Nintendo is releasing a successor to Wii Sports for the Switch. Users can play classic sports such as golf and bowling, as well as new sports such as football and volleyball. Players can control the game through the Joy-Cons.

The game is called Nintendo Switch Sports. It resembles the immensely popular Wii Sports for the console of the same name in terms of style and gameplay. Players can use the Switch’s Joy-Cons to play the same sports with their Mii avatar. Wristbands will also be available for safe use of the controller. These are included when players physically purchase the game.

In a trailer, Nintendo shows how players can play the traditional games that were also in the first Wii Sports. These include tennis, golf and bowling. In addition, a number of new sports are performed. Football is one of them. Players can attach the Joy-Con to their thigh with an accessory to kick the ball. Volleyball and badminton are also added.

Players can play against each other locally in multiplayer, as well as online. The trailer shows how sixteen players compete against each other in a bowling match.

The game will be released on April 29. Football is then immediately available, but an update will only be released in the summer for playing with the Joy-Con around the legs. Golf is also not immediately available. That mode won’t come until the fall, Nintendo says.

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