Nintendo Switch Online game Pac-Man 99 goes offline in October

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Nintendo will stop Nintendo Switch Online game Pac-Man 99 in October. Then the online services of that game will go offline. Users who purchase the Mode Unlock or Deluxe Pack DLC before September 8 will be able to continue playing offline modes after the EOL date.

Pac-Man 99’s servers will go offline on October 8, Nintendo reports in a blog post. From then on, the game’s various online modes will no longer be playable. Nintendo will stop selling in-game themes on August 8, and Mode Unlock and Deluxe Pack DLC sales will also cease on September 8.

Players who purchase one of those two DLC packs before then will be able to continue playing Pac-Man 99’s offline modes after the game goes offline. Those modes allow gamers to play the game against computer-controlled opponents. The Score Attack and Blind Time Attack modes will therefore also remain playable offline.

Pac-Man 99 is an online battle royale version of the classic game. Players compete against 98 others in the game, all playing a round of Pac-Man at the same time. Along the way, players can get in the way of each other by sending obstacles at each other. The player who survives the longest wins. The game has been available to Nintendo Switch Online subscribers since April 2021. Nintendo previously introduced battle royale versions of Tetris and Super Mario Bros.

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