Ubisoft releases The Settlers: New Allies on PlayStation, Switch and Xbox

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Ubisoft has released the console version of The Settlers: New Allies. This was supposed to be released in March, but was then postponed just before release. A new release date was not announced at the time. The strategy game was released on PC in February.

It game has been released for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and Amazon’s Luna streaming service. The game supports crossplay and crossprogression, also on PC. Ubisoft also says that the console version will be no different from the PC version, with the exception of minimal visual differences for the Switch version and a limitation to 250 units per player in 4-on-4 online matches on that platform. Normally players can control up to 500 units in a match.

The Settlers: New Allies is the eighth game in the RTS and City Builder series. In the game, players must build a settlement and compete against other players. New Allies was initially supposed to be released in 2019 and was postponed several times, including due to criticism of the closed beta. Earlier this year the PC version was released, but the console version was postponed to guarantee ‘the best possible experience’. Since then, the developer has not communicated about the console version until this week.

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