The new keyboard from Macbook Pro will stop dust

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The new keyboards of Apple’s Macbook Pro seem to be moving forward. According to Apple, the new keyboards have been made quieter compared to the previous versions. This is not the only change, because in all likelihood the keyboards are also better protected against dust and crumbs.

Macbook Pro keyboard 2018

The keyboards should stop dust and dirt through a silicone membrane under each key. The previous versions of the keyboard came with many complaints about stuck keys. The new keyboard could prevent this.

In an Apple patent earlier this year in March, Apple already described several designs of keyboards that could hold back dust and crumbs. These designs prevent problems with the keyboard’s mechanics. One of these adjustments was a silicone membrane. A side effect of this is that the keyboards are quieter. According to iFixit, the membrane is not designed to dampen the sound. This would only be a nice extra, besides stopping dust and dirt.

Problems with keyboards

Complaints about the keyboards of the Macbook Pro were no exception. According to Apple, problems only occurred in a fraction of the keyboards. Nevertheless, Apple offered a free repair program last month. Moreover, the new keyboard is a sign that Apple is taking the problem seriously.

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