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Adobe will release ‘full’ Photoshop version for iPad

Adobe claims to release a full version of its Photoshop software for the iPad. That happens next year, the manufacturer says at his own conference, Adobe Max. Until now, only a stripped-out Photoshop was available for the tablet.

It is a change in Adobe’s strategy, according to a blog post from the software maker. In doing so, it wants to publish Photoshop on ‘new operating systems and form factors’, without the American company saying what they are. This has to be done in the coming years.

Photoshop for the iPad is based on the same code as the desktop version but has an interface that is adapted to touchscreens. For example, the entire menu structure does not appear on the desktop at the top of the screen. Also missing are some functions for example animations in the current version.

Users can synchronize psd files via Creative Cloud, making it possible to start an edit on the iPad and finish it on a desktop. Adobe has not yet determined whether users will have to pay separately for Photoshop on the iPad if the program is released next month. It is also unknown whether standalone will be available.

In addition to Photoshop, Adobe announced at its Max conference even more, such as Project Aero for projects in augmented reality and Project Gemini, a painter app for the iPad.

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