Monolith Productions obtains microtransactions from Middle Earth: Shadow of War

Monolith Productions makes it possible to pay with real money in the game Middle Earth: Shadow of War from the game. This will happen by July 2018. The game has been on the market since the autumn of 2017. The microtransactions were controversial from the outset.

As of May 8, it is no longer possible to buy gold with real money in the game, says the developer of the game, Monolith Productions. Players then have a few months to spend the gold, because that will disappear from July 2018 with the War Chests and the Market from the game. For remaining gold, players will automatically receive in-game items in July.

Monolith takes the step, as the micro-transactions according to feedback were not popular. “While buying Orcs in the Market is more direct and gives more options for players, we have realized that with this choice we are undermining the heart of the game, the Nemesis system, which makes you miss stories that you would otherwise have created , and it compromises those same stories even if you do not buy anything. “

The game received a lot of negative feedback due to the use of microtransactions,. Many players find it especially annoying to pay-to-win, especially in a game that they have purchased for the full price.