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Instagram stops Apple Watch app

Instagram has stopped its Apple Watch app. The current version of the Instagram app removes the Apple Watch component. It is likely that Apple requires developers to watch Watch apps natively on the watch from next week.

Instagram does not mention removal of the Apple Watch support in the changelog, but if users update the app they will no longer appear on the watch. the watch, reports 9to5 Mac . Starting next week, apps must work natively on the watch, something that has only been possible since watchOS 2. In the first version of watchOS, apps were working on the phone and the interface was streaming via Bluetooth to the watch.
Notifications from Instagram continue to function on Apple Watch as they always did. The app added an interface to scroll through the feed and view photos on the OLED screen of the watch. Instagram was among the first generation of apps with support for Apple Watch.
Many well-known apps no longer have an Apple Watch app. Among others, Google Maps, Amazon Slack and eBay already stopped their apps for Apple’s watch. Tripadvisor has not been on watchOS for some time either.

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