Moderators set subreddits to private after ama-admin fired

Much of Reddit has been made inaccessible after the ask me anything category coordinator was kicked out. The moderators of many popular subreddits have set parts to private out of dissatisfaction.

The subreddits /r/Art, /r/AskReddit, /r/gadgets, /r/gaming, /r/IAmA, /r/movies, /r/Music, /r/science and /r/pics are on private. The moderators are displeased that Reddit fired Victoria Taylor. She coordinated the popular AMAs on Reddit and was an important point of contact.

Not only is it unclear to the moderators how to proceed with AMAs still in the planning stage, but they are also complaining about poor communication from other Reddit employees.

For example, in response to Reddit co-founder Alexis Ohanian’s attempt to prevent further escalation, an ama moderator says, “We are continuously ignored by the community team, even when we discuss serious matters that require a resolution of require an admin.”

Others declare feeling ‘betrayed’: “We need Victoria for /r/IAmA, if we want it to continue to work the way it does now.” The coordinator ensured, among other things, that the guests of the UMAs actually are who they say they are. There have been incidents in the past. It can also be concluded from the comments of the moderators that they found a listening ear with Taylor.

The reason for her resignation is still unclear. One theory is that Taylor didn’t want to move from New York to San Francisco for work. Also, according to Gawker, it is suggested that a recent ama with Jesse Jackson, who went far from flawless, is the reason for her departure.