Meta takes action against app that promises ‘original Instagram experience’

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Meta is taking measures against ‘the OG App’, an app released this week that promises users the original user experience of Instagram. Apple has since removed the app from the App Store.

The OG App, Instagram without ads, September 2022

Meta tells Engadget that the app violates its usage rules and that the measures are therefore necessary. Meta does not confirm that Apple has removed the app at the company’s request, but that is obvious. The developer himself says that the app was modified before release to pass Apple’s approval and that it worked. The app is still there on Android and has between 1000 and 5000 installations there.

The app tries to differentiate itself by removing ads, reports Techcrunch. It is obvious that Instagram’s terms of use are indeed being violated. Users are also reporting login issues with the app. According to the developer all Facebook accounts, including private accounts, of project contributors have been suspended. According to the company, this is only possible if Meta has manually looked up all involved and disabled the accounts. Meta has not responded substantively to the matter and thus does not specify what measures it has taken.

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