Amazon presents smart alarm clock that registers sleep in an unknown way

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At its own event, Amazon announced the Halo Rise, a smart alarm clock that, in an unknown way, keeps track of how the user breathes. The device, designed to stand next to the bed, has no microphones or cameras.

Amazon Halo Rise

The Halo Rise, which can serve as a wake-up light with a sunrise simulation, at least has a light meter, thermometer and moisture meter to keep track of the conditions in the bedroom. Amazon doesn’t say exactly how it tracks user sleep, but given its strict placement instructions, it does so using ultrasonic waves, the way Echo speakers have been detecting users in the room since last year. Google also uses that technique to track sleep at its second generation Nest Hub.

With this, the software keeps track of breathing to determine how sleep went and when users are in light sleep and can therefore best be woken up when the time at which the alarm is set is approaching. The LEDs in the Halo Rise emit up to 400 candelas per square meter. The device can also be used as a light source that users can control via assistant Alexa.

It is the first time that Amazon presents such a device. The Halo Rise will be released in the US later this year for $140. It is not yet clear whether and when a release in Europe will follow.

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