LG teases rollable screen of LG Rollable smartphone

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LG is again testing a roll-out phone and now also calls the name LG Rollable. The device can change size by sliding out the screen. LG has not yet fully announced the roll-out smartphone.

The LG Rollable teaser can be seen at the start and last 30 seconds of LG’s CES press conference. When LG marketing boss Jin-hong Kim opens the presentation, a smartphone is briefly seen that changes size. At the end of the presentation, the phone reappears as Kim closes the presentation and walks away. That’s when the name LG Rollable comes into the picture.

Nothing is known about the LG Rollable yet, but in the first shot it seems that the screen rolls out from a 20:9 ratio to around 15:9, or 5:3. It is therefore comparable to OPPO’s roll-out concept phone. In November, the Chinese brand showed a prototype with a 6.7-inch OLED screen that can be rolled out to 7.4 inches.

The name LG Rollable was previously registered with the European trademark law office EUIPO. At the presentation of the LG Wing in September, LG also teased to the Rollable. In addition to LG and Oppo, Samsung and TLC also seem to be working on smartphones with roll-out screens.

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