Samsung promises update for old phones to use them as IoT devices

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Samsung has promised to update old phones so that they can be used safely as an IoT device, for example as a baby monitor. The move should lead to fewer people throwing away their old phones or leaving them in a drawer.

The updates fall under the Galaxy Upcycling at Home program, reports Samsung. The manufacturer presents it as a way to reuse old smartphones in order to save the environment. The video shows that the baby monitor works with Samsung’s own SmartThings platform, so perhaps the manufacturer is also trying to get more users for its own smarthome ecosystem with the step.

Many details are still unknown. For example, it is unclear which phones will receive an update and when that will be. In addition, the exact applications are not yet known. Reusing old smartphones or tablets in the home has been a well-known practice for hobbyists for years. Under the Upcycling program, Samsung further announced that from this year all TVs will come in eco packaging, which can be folded into small furniture after use.

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