Large BitTorrent tracker Leechers Paradise lays down the work after 12 years

One of the larger BitTorrent trackers in the world, Leechers Paradise, pulls out the plug after 12 years. Administrator Eddie gives the upcoming European Article 13 legislation and a request from his internet provider to remove his server from their data center as reasons for the stop.

Article 13 is also known as the ‘upload filter’. This legislation is about internet platforms having to check whether their users upload copyrighted material. Eddie fears that his tracker will become illegal and he wants to be. Leechers Paradise is not a Torrent site and its server only contributes to the interconnection of peers in the swarm of Torrents from actual Torrent sites.

“Tot and thank you for the fish “, says Eddie as a farewell, a reference to the fictional sci-fi universe from the books of Douglas Adams. Eddie also put some last statistics on the front page: 4.2 TB of traffic per day, 120 TB per month and more than 132 million peers connected to each other on 31 July. Torrentfreak describes the tracker as “one of the oldest and most important BitTorrent trackers”.


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