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Download the leaked wallpaper from the iPhone XS

After this exciting Apple week, we know when the iPhone keynote takes place: September 12 . By leaked photos we also have a picture of the two flagships, which are probably called the iPhone XS and iPhone XS Plus. And there is already an iPhone XS wallpaper available.

 iPhone Xs wallpaper

Download iPhone XS wallpaper

With the iPhone XS wallpaper you can already transform your iPhone X into an XS. The wallpaper was created by news site 9to5Mac which made a reconstruction of the leaked iPhone XS product photo. It is therefore not yet the official wallpaper of the XS. It will be released during the release of the Golden Master of iOS 12 just after the iPhone event

The wallpaper contains a half planet that looks a bit like Jupiter. The background is black, so the notorious notch catches the eye so quickly. This year, the notch is about the same size as that of the iPhone X. From next year it will be smaller or it will even disappear completely .

The iPhone XS wallpaper can be downloaded by placing the image below on your iPhone. Open it in Film Roll, tap the Share icon, move the bottom options to the left and press ‘Use as background’.


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