Get more out of your visit to an online casino

Have you secretly visited a online casino or are you an experienced and active player? Gambling continues to tempt people and for many people it is their escape from reality; a way to make money quickly or forget everyday things. Good news, because online casinos continue to develop into the one point where all players experience optimal gaming pleasure and continue to offer the best bonuses. A unique opportunity for you to enlarge your bankroll and play for the big money. For playing in an online you do not even have to be home nowadays, because online casinos have the best apps available and let you enjoy your favorite games everywhere and always.

A brief introduction to the online casino

It has not been that long ago that as a gambling lover you were dependent on physical, so-called land-based casinos. An example is the Holland Casino or Jack’s Casino. But times have changed to the introduction of the internet. Soon there was a huge market open for software developers and innovators to make gambling via the internet possible. The first online casino that opened its virtual doors was the InterCasino, now still an existing platform. The launch from then, however, falls short of what is now possible in the online casino, because you could choose from only 18 casino games, the payment methods were not very extensive and the speed of InterCasino initially left too much to be desired. . Not only InterCasino, but many more online casinos have been developed into places where, as a gambling lover, you can bet to your heart’s content on games you have never even heard of.

A transition from offline to online

The landbased casinos have always been the place to gamble; atmosphere, cosiness, lots of people and the allure you expect from a real casino. However, you can safely say that the online casino is taking over that status. More and more people prefer the online casino to a land-based casino; they make regular gambling online, while for the special experience the landbased casinos are still being visited. But not only that, because online casinos are increasingly able to translate the atmosphere and experience of a landbased casino into a virtual or online environment, while the range of online casinos far exceeds landbased casinos. Especially with the introduction of the Live Casino, the mobile casino and the Random Number Generator (RNG), the online casinos have taken big steps. The unique casino experience is no longer a monopoly for the landbased casino and more and more people prefer playing convenience over a visit to the casino.

The evolution of the online casino

The online casino started as an idea; could the casino become just as popular online as the landbased casinos have been for years? The first games came online; roulette, poker and blackjack, as well as the most basic slot machines. Soon the first negatives came forward; the online casino got a bad reputation due to the lack of a system that allowed arbitrariness to determine the game. One pointed to loss of casino and partiality, while it was also entitled to it. For example, the casino could not prove that some games were ‘fixed’ until the introduction of the Random Number Generator. This ensures that with every round, every turn or every card a unique result emerges from the algorithm. If there is now a Pair King for the dealer and a Pair Ace for you a King on the fifth card, then you know for sure that it was completely arbitrary. This means a fairer course of the game and that caused a lot more confidence in the online casino. A first real boost.

Two other distinctive steps that the online casino has made are the Live Casino and the mobile casino. The Live Casino lets you play along with poker, blackjack and roulette through live camera images. Here is a real dealer cards to distribute or a croupier for turning the ball in roulette. You can all follow this as a player via live images and chat with other players at the table. The Live Casino delivers more experience and makes the game even more honest because you watch yourself. Finally, the mobile casino has given a huge boost to the popularity of online casinos because you can now gamble anywhere and anytime on your favorite casino games.

The offer of online casinos

What you expect from a casino that is easy to find online. In fact, what you do not expect is undoubtedly also encountered in online casinos. The casino games with the longest tradition such as poker, blackjack, baccarat and roulette will encounter you everywhere. There is a huge selection of the best and most innovative video slots; video slots with a unique theme, the best wild & scatter symbols and the highest jackpots. Have not seen enough? Then choose Bingo, eSports, the Sportsbook full of bets or take advantage of the most attractive promotions you’ll find in the online casino. It is not surprising that online casinos today appeal to the imagination.

Best of all: The bonuses and promotions

An online casino would not be itself if it was able to offer the best bonuses to its existing and new players. It is a great advantage of online casinos to be able to use bonuses that directly increase your bankroll. With the extra money that you often ‘get’ from the casino, it is more likely that you are able to bet more money and therefore have more chance of winning money. And there are quite a few bonuses to earn at an online casino. A selection from the offer:

  • The welcome bonus: Bonus for new players
  • The reload bonus: A bonus when you have to deposit for the 2 e or 3 e times
  • Free bets of free spins: Regular bonus, often for loyal players
  • Refer and friend bonus: Invite a friend and receive a bonus
  • No deposit of deposit bonuses

Especially the welcome bonus is the way for an online casino to differentiated from the fierce competition on the internet. This is a bonus that new players receive from the casino as a thank you for creating an account. It depends on a welcome bonus whether you first have to deposit money into your new account or receive a welcome bonus without deposit (no deposit). The deposit bonus is generally higher in value, while the no deposit bonus in terms of round-playing conditions (see next) is often more attractive. Whether you as a player still remains connected to one online casino after playing the welcome bonus, depends in particular on further promotions and bonuses for loyal players. We advise you to try out as many online casinos as possible, if only for the nice bonuses.

Get listed above in brackets, because the online casino often sets conditions for a bonus. This is called the so-called round-playing conditions. In this, the casino states that you have to play around a few times in return for the bonus. There are no fixed conditions and online casinos are free to consider how much they make the round-playing conditions. For you as a player, it is therefore important to pay close attention to the ‘terms and conditions’ of a bonus at the online casino before you actually activate it. Some known conditions for a bonus are the following:

  • X-number of rounds of the bonus
  • X-number of games on which the bonus may be wagered
  • Period in which the bonus must be played in
  • Minimum or maximum bet per game round
  • Bonus amount of round-up including either excluding deposit amount at deposit bonus

Unique Selling Point of an online casino

The online casino casino is becoming more and more distinguishable from a landbased casino. Where you were completely dependent on a casino until 2000 to be able to gamble, it is now possible to play anywhere and anytime. The Random Number Generator, the Live Casino and the mobile casino apps provide a unique experience that you previously only encountered in physical casinos. Online casinos provide the best bonuses that can sometimes double or even triple your bankroll. The online casino is increasingly aware of how (potential) players can be reached.

Some more figures about the online casino

Did you know that:

  • Blackjack has the lowest house advantage in casino games with 0.13%
  • The highest jackpot ever in online slots is € 17,879,645. This jackpot was in the game Mega Moolah, which has a progressive jackpot
  • Moreover, Mega Fortune in Finland seems to have delivered an enormous jackpot of almost 18 million euros
  • Cypriots spend the most money in online casinos
  • 84% of men have played in an online casino. The rise of women in online casinos also seems unstoppable
  • Poker is and remains the most played table game in online casinos