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Is this how the new iPads will look like?

It is only a week until Apple’s event where the new iPhones will be shown, but nothing seems to be able to stay within the walls of Cupertino. We already know what the new iPads will look like, at least if we have to believe these renders that stand on mysmartprice . Or yes, iPads: it’s mainly about the new 12.9 inch iPad Pro and it looks very tasty, albeit somewhat predictable.

What’s in it and not?

The first thing you notice when you look at the renders is that there is no more home button on the iPad Pro. In addition, the edges around the screen have been significantly reduced compared to the older models. However, they are not completely gone, which makes it possible to eliminate things like the TrueDepth camera. That also means that the iPad Pro will get Face ID, but that was actually already known. However, it seems that Face ID only works if the tablet is vertical, so if you ‘m in the broad way you can not unlock it. If that is true, it would be a damper, because many iPads are used the most.

There are speakers on the side that can produce sound on all sides and on the top right is also an on / off button. What you will not see is a connection for headphones, because here too Apple is finished with cables and has to be paired via Bluetooth. That is all still in line with the expectation for Apple, so real surprises are going to fail this year.
What is going to be on the inside of the new iPads is still a question, but even there we expect little more than better specifications and longer battery life. The question is whether this kind of upgrades can save the tablet market for Apple. We will certainly know for sure next week.

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