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Now also make photo albums with Google Photos

Starting today, it is possible to create your own photo books with Google Photos. Printed photo books take you back to a beautiful or special moment of the past, whether it is the first birthday of your child, that unforgettable wedding day or your favorite summer vacation.

Creating photo books can sometimes be a time-consuming job. You have to search through different devices and accounts, select the best from hundreds (if not thousands) of photos and order dozens of pages, for which you can spend a lot of hours behind your computer.

Google Photos

With Google Photos it takes only a few minutes to create a photo book. You therefore no longer have any reason to postpone this job.
The photo books are easy to make, even on your phone, and you do not need to download any additional software for them. Furthermore, they are of high quality, with a modern design. And thanks to the powerful search technology, your photos are already organized, for example on the basis of the place or time.
After selecting the photos for your book, Google Photos will find the best shots and place them in the book, removing the duplicates or poor-quality images yourself. All you have to do is make a few adjustments and place your order.

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