WhatsApp now shows images in your notifications

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WhatsApp has announced that they will no longer show photos and GIFs as a camera icon with ‘photo’ next to them in your notification screen, but that you will see a miniature version of the image. The update will be rolled out in phases for iPhone users with iOS10 or higher, so within a couple of days that will work for anyone who probably does not work on your phone now. When the possibility becomes available for Android users WhatsApp has not yet reported, because the function is currently only in the release notes of the latest update.

That’s going to yield a lot of ‘humor’

Perhaps it is deliberately rolled out slowly and not accidentally first on iOS. Perhaps this is something that users have asked for, but I hope that there will be a possibility to expand those thumbnails via the settings. I do not know what you have for friends and acquaintances, but I already shudder in the knowledge that all the pictures that people send me would be visible on the unlock screen of my phone.
Jokes aside, WhatsApp is sure to send quite a few precarious photos and it can be very awkward if they can be seen on the screen that everyone can view, whether they are made smaller or not. If the possibility to limit that risk is not embedded in the update, it would be damn pity. Anyway, then we only have to wait a scandal or two until that function comes.

Suspect left against counterpart

WhatsApp has added something else to the latest version that we can be enthusiastic about, namely highlighting potentially dangerous and otherwise suspicious links in messages. When you receive such a message you will immediately receive a ‘suspicious link’ warning in red, as you can see below in the photo, and that should ensure that people do not click inadvertently on something that results in misery.;2

In addition to these changes, the new WhatsApp version has also received better support for the Apple Wallet, so that you can also send tickets through the chat service. Handy! In addition, the status updates have also been improved in the sense that it is easier to find the type-of-Stories in Whatsapp easier. You can now search for users on the status page so that you do not have to go to everyone anymore and because a profile photo has now been added to the updates, you can more easily see who is who.
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