Horizon: Zero Dawn gets sequel with co-op mode and becomes PS5 exclusive

There will be a successor to Horizon: Zero Dawn, with a co-op mode. Sources tell VideogamesChronicle that plans for the original will continue in the sequel. The second Horizon game would also become a PS5 exclusive.

Developer Guerilla is said to have received permission from Sony to create more Horizon games, sources say VideogameChronicles. The game would also get a co-op mode. It is not clear whether that will become a standalone mode or whether it will be integrated into the story. According to VGC sources, Guerilla once intended to create a standalone co-op mode whose game progression would transition to the final full Horizon game. The sources do not know whether that plan will be continued.

As early as 2014, there were plans to integrate co-op into the original Horizon game, but eventually, that fell through due to time constraints on the title. Concept art from that time indicated that players could compete against the mechanical monsters from the game.

The development of the game is also said to be fully focused on the PlayStation 5, according to the sources. Initially, the Horizon sequel should also be released for the PS4, but the sources of VGC say that ‘the development focuses entirely on Sony’s next-gen console ‘.

Sony have not yet officially announced anything about a successor to the popular game from 2017. That game has been sold more than ten million times. There are indications that a follow-up is being worked on.