Bugatti Chiron totaling more than 1 million LEGO Technic parts

LEGO continues to amaze with the new models that they release. Earlier this year they came with a LEGO Technic model from the Bugatti Chiron . Consisting of 3,599 pieces, the company has brought a very accurate 1: 8 scale model to the market. But they go one step further. LEGO has joined hands with Bugatti to build a 1: 1 model. And you can still drive in too! 

1 million

In total it has cost more than 1 million LEGO Technic parts and has been working for about 13,000 hours. The result: A lifelike Bugatti Chiron made from only LEGO parts. Also the engine, which is good for 5.3 hp and a top speed of about 20 km / h. The car weighs about 1500 kilos

LEGO itself about the Bugatti Chiron .

We often say that LEGO Technic is really about building and to prove that this is more than just a slogan, we decided to build a car and not just a car. a copy of the beautiful Bugatti Chiron, built with LEGO Technic elements and if that was not enough, we also wanted our car – for the first time ever – to actually drive and be powered by the same Power functions engine technology we use for our standard models.


The idea to build a Bugatti Chiron one-to-one in real life with LEGO Technic came from the LEGO Technic design team. Designer Aurelien Rouffiange and the team were just finished with a scale model of one-to-eight of the Chiron, when the question arose what would be the ultimate challenge for the LEGO Technic building system. A full-scale vehicle of their own strength seemed to them the most difficult test .