French company wants applicants to play Fortnite

A French company has devised a very special way to recruit staff: applicants have to play the immensely popular game Fortnite for their job interview.

The company in question is marketing agency Dare.Win, which is looking for trainees for the office in Paris. Dare.Win works for major brands such as Spotify, Bacardi, YouTube and PlayStation. Candidates are requested to add the company to the PlayStation Network and play a game of Fortnite.

The interview takes place during the game via the voice chat. The candidates play in the same team as the interviewers and the entire session lasts about one hour.

According to Thomas Brouchon of Dare.Win, applicants are not judged on their Fortnite skills. “We are not pro players ourselves,” he says. “The way someone plays can say a lot about his personality, especially when it comes to making decisions and how he deals with problems.”

The choice for Fortnite is because of the popularity of the game and because it is free to play.