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Four useful apps for your work

Work can be a chaotic affair. Many tasks that you still have to do, but also colleagues who ask questions from you. There are fortunately a number of apps that make your work just a bit easier to understand. You can know them!


Trello is an app that lets you create digital message boards. You can create tasks, projects or to do’s, which you can also share with colleagues. You can also assign tasks to others. This way you can see clearly what has to be done by whom. And handy: you can also add attachments and documents to a board. Trello can be downloaded for Android and iOS .


In the Evernote app you can make notes anywhere. It is, quite simply, a digital notebook. You can also add photos and attachments. For example, you can add photos of receipts. You can synchronize the app with other devices. Evernote is available for Android and iOS .


The best ideas arise at times when you do not have time to think it out. With the app Braintoss, you can quickly say something, take a picture or type it, after which it comes in the inbox. It can then immediately head out before you forget it. Handy! Braintoss is there for Android and iOS .


The well-being of employees is of course very important. With the 2daysmood app, employees can keep track of how they feel about their work every day. With questionnaires that last only 15 seconds, the employer gains insight into the employees. A report is made every week. This can for example be discussed in conversations. Available for Android and iOS .

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