Former Nintendo CEO richest Japanese thanks to Wii

According to Forbes, the former Nintendo president is Japan’s richest man. His net worth has tripled since his departure in 2005 and is estimated at nearly $8 billion.

Hiroshi Yamauchi left Nintendo in 2005 after 55 years of service. However, Yamauchi still owns a large share of the shares in the company, which has enjoyed great success with the DS and especially the Wii since his departure. Eighty-year-old Yamauchi’s income has increased by 48 percent in 2007 thanks to Nintendo’s success increased up to $2.5 billion. Yamauchi’s total wealth rose to 7.8 billion dollars, making him the richest man in Japan according to the American business site Forbes.

Yamauchi started at Nintendo in 1949, when it was still a company that mainly made card games. Yamauchi transformed the company into the gaming giant it is today. However, with his net worth, Yamauchi takes only 149th place in the world ranking according to Forbes.