EVGA will deliver USB stick with drivers for new motherboards

EVGA will deliver its future motherboards with a USB stick with drivers. The stick replaces the usual driver CD, which many new computers can not read anymore and therefore loses its usefulness.

The company announced the decision on Twitter. It is a small usb stick with a capacity of 8 GB. EVGA indicates that its future motherboards will come with the stick and specifically designates its new H370 motherboards. Whether all motherboards come with such a stick, or for example only more expensive models, is not clear.
Using a USB stick for supplying drivers is a logical step. Fewer and fewer users equip their computers with optical disk drives, which means they do not have much to offer with a supplied CD or DVD with drivers and often have to download them from the internet.
The reason that many manufacturers are currently supplying driver CDs instead of USB -sticks, probably has to do with the price. A DVD costs about 5 cents each, while a USB stick with a capacity of 8GB costs about 50 cents to one euro for the manufacturer.