Evernote moves to Europe and lays off American and Chilean employees

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Note-taking app Evernote is moving its activities to Europe, where its parent company is already located. A large number of the company’s American and Chilean employees have therefore been fired, the company says.

Evernote moves ‘the center of its development’ to Europe, the company says. Evernote has been part of Bending Spoons, a mobile app developer from the Italian city of Milan, since the end of last year. Evernote will probably be included in this. According to Evernote, the team in Europe will grow.

However, most of the employees at offices in the US and Chile have to leave. There are already people working full-time on Evernote from Milan. After the acquisition, Bending Spoons at Evernote raised prices and added AI.

Bending Spoons, Milan

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