Image points to Xiaomi tablet with gesture control

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An image has emerged, presumably from Xiaomi software, indicating that the Chinese manufacturer wants to release a tablet with gesture control. This works using a time-of-flight sensor.

The image shows that the control will work at a distance of 15 to 40cm. With this control, users can, among other things, pause and resume music, answer and hang up calls and have the tablet automatically lock when walking away, reports Kacper Skrzypek. The Pole is an unofficial translator of Xiaomi’s MIUI skin and writes for a Polish Xiaomi fansite.

The idea of ​​gesture control on mobile devices has been tried before. LG did this with the G8 ThinQ smartphone in 2019, which also works with a cool sensor on the front of the device. The Google Pixel 4 has gesture control via the Soli radar. Samsung used infrared for the gesture controls on the 2013 Galaxy S4.

Xiaomi has not yet responded to the appearance of the image. As far as we know, there is no Xiaomi device that works with gesture control or with a cool sensor on the front.

Gesture control cool sensor Xiaomi tablet. Source: Kacper Skrzypek

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