European Commissioner: Apple investigation into DMA violations will hopefully be completed soon

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The investigation into possible violations by Apple of the EU Digital Markets Act will hopefully be completed soon. The responsible European Commissioner said this in an interview. These are 'very serious' problems that the Commission has with Apple.

European Commissioner Margrethe Vestager tells CNBC that she is 'very surprised' by the problems that the European Commission has discovered in Apple's compliance with the DMA. “Apple is very important, because a lot of good business is done through the App Store with payment mechanisms. You can say that this was not expected from such a company, but of course we will maintain the top priority that we also apply to any other company .” Vestager added: “I was very surprised that we would have such suspicions that Apple was not following the rules.”

This investigation must therefore be completed quickly and charges may follow. The DMA is the EU law that aims to limit the power of large tech companies by specifically imposing rules on those companies. For example, Apple must allow third-party download stores and provide options for a default browser other than Safari. Rumors recently emerged that the European Commission would like to sue Apple.

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