Paradox cancels The Sims-like game Life by You

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Life by You, a The Sims-like game from developer Paradox Tectonic, has been canceled. Parent company Paradox Interactive announced this on its online forum. The release of Life by You has been postponed several times in the past.

Life by You is canceled because Paradox in his own words that the game 'falls short in a number of key areas'. According to the company, this is a problem that cannot be solved by postponing the game. Paradox does not say exactly what is wrong with Life by You.

The developer has already postponed the early access release of Life by You twice. The game was announced in March 2023 and was initially set to be released in September of that year. The release was first postponed in July 2023 to March this year and then pushed further to June in February. “With each delay we have had, we have seen gradual improvements, which in retrospect may have led us to focus more on details than on the whole,” Paradox said on its forum.

In Life by You, players could create their own characters, just like in The Sims. Unlike in The Sims, the characters would live in a larger world, without loading screens between locations. The characters would be able to move through the world in vehicles and have conversations with each other via speech clouds in real language, instead of a fictional language like in The Sims.

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