Automated posting to and requesting stats from Threads becomes possible with API

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Meta has released an API for its Threads messaging service. This allows developers to build tools for automated posting and retrieve statistics about likes and reposts, among other things, from the platform.

The API is available for free to all developers, reports Meta. In addition, there is documentation available which shows, among other things, that it is possible to automatically transfer 250 posts to the platform per day. In terms of statistics, impressions, likes, reposts and quotes are available. These will be available from April 13 this year; There are no statistics for that. There is an example implementation of the API on GitHub.

The API makes it possible to build tools that allow companies and organizations to post their posts for other social media on Threads. In addition, they can retrieve statistics on how well those posts are doing. That should probably make Threads more attractive. It is unknown when ActivityPub integration in Threads will be ready.

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